La farmaciola del malalt imaginari

'The pharmacy of the imaginary patient' is a contemporary rewriting of Molière’s comedy “The Imaginary Invalid.”

We are in an imaginary future where it seems that emotional and family relationships instead of having been modernized and improved have gone back in time. In this future people seem more superficial and overcrowded than ever. That if, technology and science have continued to advance to achieve a wonderful goal: Immortality. Only a privileged few can afford to buy immortality and live forever without fear of disease and death. But sometimes science is wrong and puts us in front of a reality that we have to face and for which we are not prepared. “What if?” “What if this cold is actually…?” “I often feel a pain here.” Well, yes, this new reality is none other than hypochondria, the disease that only exists in our imagination. Our Imaginary Invalid will embark on a journey into the interior of fear where he will have to face the dreaded death. Thanks to the people who truly love him, he will discover the ancient medicine that his case needs: Recognizing that the only way of life is the way of Love.


Theatre company: Terra Teatre

Direction and dramaturgy: Marc Hervàs

Cast: Fina López, Elena Codó, Mariona Tuset and Jordi Hervàs

Set design: Anna Alcubierre, Jordi Bruna

Puppet design: Martí Doy